Silestone By Cosentino Facilities


Cosentino Group has 12 natural stone quarries, 7 manufacturing faculties and 13 processing centres worldwide. 

The group currently has 7 production plants (6 in Almeria, Spain, and 1 in Brazil) and 15 kitchen and bathroom worktop manufacturing centres (1 in Almeria and 14 in the United States). The company’s 2 distribution hubs are both located in the United States, while its logistics centre is stationed in Spain, with over 90 Cosentino centres worldwide.

Currently, the Cosentino group has around 3,450 employees worldwide, of which about 1,750 is based in Spain.
Industrial Park and Headquarters, Spain

The Cosentino Group manages and controls its international distribution system from the comforts of its very own Industrial Park in Almeria, Spain, which spans almost a million square metres in total land area. The Park is the base of production, administrative works and logistics.

Besides serving as the headquarters, the Park also houses all of Cosentino’s main production centres, from the 3 factories producing Silestone® and Eco by Cosentino® to the company’s very own marble factory, including a modern facility that manufactures worktops and a facility dedicated to producing special materials and creating millions of actual samples. Additionally, the Park is also home to the brand new plant that produces Dekton® by Cosentino along with a uniquely intelligent and fully automated logistics platform.

Granite Manufacturing Facility, Brazil

The Cosentino Group’s granite manufacturing facility in Brazil is the only factory the company owns outside its Industrial Park in Almeria, Spain. Based in Vitoria City, the Group’s subsidiary Cosentino Latina operates one of the largest granite factories in Brazil, a pioneer in cutting-edge equipment and leader in technological advancements and environmental processes.

The granite manufacturing facility, processing Cosentino’s one-of-a-kind granite with the anti-stain treatment, Sensa®, sits on a total area of 45,000 square metres, with industrial buildings covering around 20,000 square metres.

Cosentino Latina is one of Brazil’s leading granite exporters. Additionally, this Cosentino subsidiary is also the world leader in granite distribution, particularly in the United States, where Sensa by Cosentino® is a household name.