What’s The Difference Between Silestone And Other Quartz Brands

silestone worktopWhen choosing which silestone worktop to buy, there are several reputable companies that offer very good products. But as with any choice, it will always boil down to the personal choices one makes when deciding which one to buy and where to buy. Several factors should be considered when deciding which brand and from which company to buy your worktop material from.

Colour choices are almost always the first deciding factor. Silestone worktops are engineered or man-made stone surfaces. They are often referred as quartz. These materials combine natural quartz with crushed granite and some resin binder with a colouring agent added. So aside from the natural shades that the ingredients produce, the additional colour will put in some character to a specific quartz worktop.

So choosing where to buy will eventually boil down to the offerings of the company you decide to buy from. Beware of some companies claiming that their quartz worktops are better than the rest.

Truth is they are almost about the same, quality-wise. Some companies just have a more stringent manufacturing process, while some offer more colour varieties. Some may consider the colour choices of these worktop materials to be boring since they lack the variety present in natural stone patterns. But this quality also gives the end user a uniform look to their worktops since there is no pattern to break.

Overall, the look and feel and function of all silestone worktops are about the same. You may also want to buy from companies that offer installation packages with their products. Some local small companies have in-house fabricators/installers on call that can save you the trouble of looking for one in your area.

So wherever you decide to buy or which brand you choose, all worktop materials are the same when it comes to basic care and maintenance. These engineered kitchen worktop materials are not designed for outdoor use since the resin in them will eventually fade from exposure to the sun. Sunlight from kitchen windows and such are not a problem though.

Silestone worktops are not impervious to chipping and scratching, so care should be observed when working on them. So lastly, cleaning them regularly with commercially available stone worktop cleaners should make them last a lifetime of satisfying use, and they should be as stunning many years down the road as they were on the day they were installed.