Silestone Blanco Zeus

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TYPE Quartz
BRAND Silestone
NAME Blanco Zeus
FINISH Polished
THICKNESS 12mm, 20mm, 30mm


Silestone Blanco Zeus is a pure white surface made out of 90% natural quartz material, making it extremely durable. Because of its pure white colour, it is ideal perfect for modern kitchens and matches with natural colours such as white, black and grey, as well as bright colours such as red, blue, purple, etc.

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Silestone Blanco Zeus is a product that will bring a superior technical specification to your kitchen design. Silestone is a globally renowned brand that is notoriously unbeatable in quality. Silestone quartz can resist heat up to 80 degrees Celsius and also resist freezing conditions. Therefore, Silestone Blanco Zeus is ideal for applications such as kitchen counter tops where there is a required resistance to a range of different thermal conditions.

Silestone Blanco Zeus has a very minimal amount of pores in the surface, making it very resistant to staining. It requires very little maintenance, and after sealing during production it never needs to be resealed and requires only very basic everyday cleaning products. Silestone Blanco Zeus features the patented Silstone N-Boost treatment, which is a technology that reduces the porosity rating even further than the standard using nano-particles, and acts to repel liquid on the surface of the product.

Various styles of kitchens are suited to various thickness or specifications. For instance, thicker worktops such as 30mm thick stone or potentially stone that is built up to appear 50mm or 70mm tends to compliment traditional, shaker or country style kitchens. Thinner worktops, such as those that are 12mm or 20mm thick, look better when applied in contemporary kitchens as they tie into a sleek and streamlined, minimalist aesthetic. Silestone Blanco Zeus can be sourced in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm slabs, and can also be built up to look thicker. It is also available in 6mm slabs for the purpose of bathroom facades and wall cladding.

Silestone Blanco Zeus also features a patented anti-bacterial seal. Silestone’s unique antibacterial feature means that it is certified for use in schools, universities and other areas that come into contact with children or large groups of people. Similarly, the antibacterial property of the stone makes it ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories and any other healthcare facilities.

The availability of the jumbo-sized slabs allows for large surface areas to be covered seamlessly and without joints in the surface. It is ideal for kitchen surfaces, vanity tops, wall cladding and floor tiling. With Silestone’s wide range of colours, there is a design suited to any design specification.

Silestone Blanco Zeus is available in slabs of jumbo size, which allows for large areas of worktop such as large islands or splashback pieces to be covered seamlessly and without joints in the surface.

Silestone surfaces are available in a Polished, Suede and Volcanic finish. The Polished finish offers a high gloss finish that is extremely stain-resistant and hard wearing against scratching, and that is extremely versatile and simple, able to fit into any kitchen design. The Suede texture is a silk touch, matte finish that emulates the classic touch of stone and is able to add a modern, unique finish to any kitchen. The Volcanic finish is a highly textured, rough finish ideal for modern kitchens, but can also be worked into more traditional style kitchens.

Silestone slabs are available in various size formats. All colours and finishes are available at a standard slab size of dimensions 3040mm x 1380mm. A large proportion of colours are also available in a Jumbo size, with dimensions of 3250mm x 1590mm. This makes it the ideal surface for covering large islands and surface areas, or for maximising the usage of the slab.

In addition to the highest standard of quality, technology that is the most innovative in the industry and unquestioned dependability as a product and a brand, Silestone has a hugely versatile range of over fifty colours. Available in both polished and suede textures, Silestone caters to every design function. Tiles and integrated sinks are also available in most colours.

Cosentino, Silestone’s parent brand, is the largest manufacturer of quartz globally, with bases around the world.

Silestone Blanco Zeus comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years. This is valid upon product registration at Silestone’s website.

Features and Benefits of Silestone Blanco Zeus:

Desirable aesthetics, with a wide range of beautifully designed colours.
Superior performance, with many unique features and extreme durability.
Standard and Jumbo slab formats offer the possibility of creating seamless panels or larger sized worktops.
Extreme durability and strength, with high resistance to staining, scratching and impact.
Patented N-Boost nano-technology with liquid protection.
Exclusive antibacterial treatment.
Low-maintenance and very easy to clean and care for.
25-year Manufacturer’s warranty.

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