Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen with Cambria Quartz Worktops

You might still be undecided about Cambria quartz worktops. But it’s about time you consider them and savour its many benefits homeowners around the world have experienced.

Here are the reasons why you should strongly consider Cambria quartz worktops for your kitchen remodel.


Because Cambria is an engineered stone, you are assured that it is non-porous. This means liquids or food will not penetrate the surface, minimising viral or bacterial growth. Additionally, once the surfaced is thoroughly polished, viruses and bacteria might not have the opportunity to crawl back to your home.

Cambria worktop surfaces have been certified by the NSF as safe for food preparation. Rest assured that toddlers and children will be safe from any diseases caused by bacteria growing on any worktop surfaces.

Return on investment

To avoid overspending on constant repairs and re-installation, you need to make sure that your worktop will last for a longer period of time, making your investment cost-efficient and worthwhile. Cambria worktops have been built to last.

Gone are the days when worktops require constant maintenance. They’re already a thing of the past. You can now achieve an economic milestone thanks to engineered quartz stones like Cambria.


If you’re planning the spruce up the look of your home kitchen, then engineered stones offer more variety that you can find on natural stones. With over 120 designs, it’s safe to say that you can achieve any style you want for your kitchen.

Minimal maintenance

If cleaning and maintenance is one of your concerns, then Cambria quartz worktops might be able to solve that. Because of its non-porous surface, all you need to do after installation is wiping any spills or mess on the surface with warm water and mild liquid detergent.

There is no need to constantly call in professionals to repair your worktops. For engineered quartz, it’s as easy as wiping liquid and food off the counter.

Built to last

Cambria worktops are composed mainly of quartz, one of nature’s strongest minerals. This means you have a very strong and durable counter. It won’t chip or crack easily, saving your budget on repairs and replacements.

Cambria quartz worktops are not only elegant, modern and beautiful, but also they’re cost-efficient, durable and easy to maintain. But one of its strongest characteristics is that the surface is safe for food preparation thanks to its non-porous nature.