Granite Cosmic Black

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TYPE Granite
BRAND Granite
NAME Cosmic Black
STYLE Natural Effect
FINISH Polished
THICKNESS 20mm, 30mm


Cosmic Black is quarried in Brazil that is very popular granite in today’s world and is known to be an alternative to Black Granite and Star Galaxy. Cosmic Black granite can blow you away because of its magnificence that makes it a great deal. Cosmic Black manufactures amazing effects and a striking contrast in a kitchen. It is suitable for kitchen worktops because of its unique appeal, giving your kitchen a special designer touch.

It is one of the lightest choice granites that are available on the market plus it is also a very cost effective choice. But though it is not as expensive as other granites, it still appears to be extremely luxurious because of the crystals present on its surface.


If you find this stone surface a perfect addition to your residential worktops or commercial surfaces, give us a call today for a quote or you can simply click the tab “get a quote” above.

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