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Bianco Antico has been mined in the south of Brazil where many unique stones originate. It is a natural material and can vary from different portions. It is an excellent choice for any light colored or even wooden kitchen unit. The contrast gives a very elegant look to a kitchen furthered by its natural sheen. This stone surface offers a classic style that gives you warmth.

Bianco Antico worktops are an excellent choice for any kitchen; it not only adds a beautiful contrast but will convey a stylish and majestic ambiance. Your choice of kitchen worktops are the final touch to your new kitchen and with the help of the contrast of these worktops against modern units will create a marvelous effect.  One of the most popular reasons why it works well as kitchen worktops are because they appeal to every taste and style. Bianco Antico will match any style of kitchen that will always add elegance to your interior design scheme.


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TYPE Granite
BRAND Granite
NAME Bianco Antico
THICKNESS 12mm, 20mm, 30mm
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