Dekton Borea

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TYPE Quartz
BRAND Dekton
NAME Borea
STYLE Marble Effect
FINISH Polished
THICKNESS 12mm, 20mm, 30mm


Dekton Borea is constructed of a selection of raw materials that are expertly blended to create a superior product. Dekton takes materials that are used to manufacture the very latest in porcelain and glass technologies and upgrades then by incorporating raw quartz mineral. Dekton Borea is part of the Solid collection. It features a solid black base colour with a textured finish that emulate the look of natural wood’s rippled indentations.

• Ultraology – Dekton uses a method known as ‘ultra-compaction’ to achieve the elite properties of the material. The way in which the material is compacted results in its unbeatably low porosity rating. As a result of this, it is a product that requires very little maintenance and that is set to last you a lifetime. The process utilises an arsenal of design processes that allow for the creation of products that feature three dimensional designs and aesthetic properties that have never been seen before in the stone industry.

• Ultra-size – Dekton’s size extends well beyond the industry standard to slabs of 320cm x 144cm. This makes a world of different designs possible, in kitchens, bathroom designs, walls and facades or flooring that sees high amounts of traffic.

• UV Resistance – Dekton’s unique resistance to Ultra Violet (UV) Light mean that is is an ideal solution for applications both internally and externally, as it will not degrade or fade over long periods of time.

• Scratch Resistance – Due to the extreme hardness of this material, the contact of a sharp knife on this product will cause no damage, however it is advisable to still use chopping boards in order to protect your utensils.

• Stain Resistance – Dekton is completely proofed against staining, which is something that no other surface is able to do, they are only resistant to staining. Even splashes of the harshest bleach won’t bring damage to the surface.

• Resistance to Heat – Dekton is able to withstand extremely high temperatures without any scorching or burning, which makes it an ideal surface for your kitchen worktops, or surrounding barbecues.

• Abrasion Resistance – Dekton is more resistant to abrasion than even granite, which makes it the ideal product for commercial applications where there will be an increased volume of daily use, or for external installations such as the cladding of buildings.

• Resistance to freeze – Dekton is thermal shock proof from both extreme levels of heat and of cold. It is naturally resistant to thawing and to ice, making it the perfect choice for even the coldest of environments.

If you find that Dekton Borea is the ideal stone surface for your kitchen or bathroom, please give us a call on 02082162041 for a full quotation. Alternatively, you can select the ‘get a quote’ tab from the menu above.

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