Top Reasons Why Compac Quartz Worktops Are Perfect for Your Home Kitchen

A growing number of households are more than satisfied with the overall durability and quality provided by Compac quartz worktops. It is the resilience and sleek look of this engineered stone that convinced homeowners to make a worthwhile investment.

So if you’re on the fence about quartz counters, then this article is for you. Below are top reasons why you should invest in engineered stones like Compac quartz.

What is Compac?

Compac is among the available kitchen worktop manufacturers today. Compac stones are essentially made of 93% to 95% ground pure quartz crystals mixed with 5% to 7% polyester resins and 1% pigment.

Quartz is one of the most abundant and also one of the strongest minerals found on the earth’s crust. Since it is the main component of Compac, it gives this engineered stone exceptional levels of scratch and abrasion resistance.

Key advantages of engineered quartz

Compac quartz worktops have practically zero porosity. This is important because the surface is more resistant to mould, mildew and stains.

Additionally, these engineered quartz worktops do not need any antibacterial chemicals. The absence of pores prevents viruses and bacteria from growing and acts as a natural bacteriostatic agent.

Compac worktops are also resistant to common kitchen items such as oils, fats and acids commonly found in wine, lemon, tomato, etc. It also has impact resistance. One of the qualities that make this worktop material standout is that it is easy to clean and maintain.

Colour options

To satisfy your decorative taste and need, Compac come in a wide range of textures and coloured that can easily complement any furniture or environment it is installed in.

How durable is it?

It is highly scratch resistant. However, refrain from the use of sharp objects such as screw drivers or knives directly on the surface to avoid too much damage.

Is it heat-resistant?

Compac surfaces are more heat resistant compared with other stone surfaces, such as marble, limestone and granite. Temperatures lower than 300°F or 150°C will not affect its surface.

But like any stone material, its surface can still be damaged by rapid or sudden temperature changes. The use of a hot pad or trivets is strongly recommended to be placed on any Compac surface when handling cooking pots or pans.

Caring for Compac

Its ever-lasting finish only requires a simple routing care. Use mild detergent and warm water and wipe any dirt, smudge or spill on the surface and enjoy its lasting beauty and unparalleled performance for years.

Its non-porous surface doesn’t require sealing in order to renew its lustre. You will be able to save thousands in repairs and re-sealing.

Final thoughts

Compac quartz worktops are highly recommended for household surfaces where there is constant contact with cleaning products and fatty foods and where there is high traffic. Hence, it is ideal for kitchens, backsplash, bathrooms and floors.

Its extraordinary properties such as zero porosity and easy maintenance allow this material to blend timeless luxury and modern sophistication with unbeatable durability, hardness and strength. It is indeed the ideal choice for your home.