Lapitec Avorio Arena

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TYPE Quartz
BRAND Lapitec
NAME Avorio (Arena)
THICKNESS 12mm, 20mm


Lapitec Avorio Arena carries a modern look that has a tranquil feel. If you are the type that seeks tranquility and delicateness, then you might want to consider this type. It also works well with other stones. This is now famously known as Sintered Stone. It is neither an artificial nor ceramic or porcelain. It is not a natural stone. The material was made possible by controlling the physical and chemical environment of crystallization during the fabrication procedure.

They also have a wide array of finishes that you can choose from, and that includes the tone or your desired color. The finishes will vary and will be based on the Satin Finish. This is one of the materials that are high in demand because of the style of using white veined marble around the globe.

The following are Lapitec Avorio Arena features:

  • 100% mineral composition with no hydrocarbon-based binder mixture or resins
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis and UV light
  • Tolerant to extreme temperatures like heat and frost

Slab sizes: 3400 x 1500mm

Lapitec Bio – Care is a treatment that is the standard for every factory that supplies the slabs. The treatment includes resistance to bacteria with self – cleaning properties to the product. It also increases the aesthetic appeal of the material that will prevent staining and simplifies the maintenance regime.


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