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It came from the Solid Collection which is a solid black texture finish that has a wood ripple effect. Sirius is a classy blend of the raw materials that is used to manufacture the very newest in porcelain and glass as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces.


  • Cold – Resistance – It has a thermal shock proof from both extreme heat and cold. It has a natural resistance to thawing and ice that makes it perfect for the usage of coldest environments.


  • UV Resistance – Makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications because of its high resistance to Ultra Violet (UV) light that will not fade or degrade over time.


  • Stain Resistance – This product is completely stain proof, unlike any other surfaces that are only stain resistant. The chemicals in the kitchen like the splashes of bleach won’t harm it. It is extremely low in that contains no resins and is completely chemical resistant.


  • Heat Resistance – It withstands the high temperature without any scorching or burning making it a perfect surface for your kitchen worktops.


  • Abrasion Resistance – This even better than any granite surface which makes it ideal for any commercial applications because it is more resistant to abrasion.


  • Scratch Resistance – The slip of a knife won’t damage this product but cutting boards are still recommended in order to protect your utensils.


  • Ultraology – The one responsible for the material’s mechanical properties are known as the Ultra – compaction. Everything that is done in this product is extraordinary. The compaction level contributes essentially to the material’s low porosity to make it a low – maintenance, long – life product. The process uses up to 16 unique decorative process that allows three – dimensional design models and an endless array of aesthetic possibilities and an endless array of artistic possibilities. We firstly sinterize the raw materials using the basic mechanisms to oversee the whole procedure and the features of the particles that are used in the engineering process.


  • Ultra Size – Its size and lightness (320 x 144) make a lot of possibilities for the latest designs in bathrooms, facades, walls or high – traffic flooring, and kitchens that grow at an exponential rate.


If you find this stone surface an ideal choice for your kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities, give us a call today for a quote or you can simply click the tab “get a quote” above.

TYPE Quartz
BRAND Dekton
NAME Sirius
FINISH Polished
THICKNESS 12mm, 20mm, 30mm
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