Dekton Sirius

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TYPE Quartz
BRAND Dekton
NAME Sirius
FINISH Polished
THICKNESS 12mm, 20mm, 30mm


Dekton Sirius is a solid black coloured ceramic made unique by the rippled lines that cascade on the stone’s surface that give it a natural wood effect. Dekton Sirius is a blend of natural, raw materials. It is a product similar in strength and appearance to porcelain, but also combined with materials such as quartz and glass to reinforce the material and make it more suitable for a kitchen worktop.


  • Resistance to freeze – Dekton is protected against extreme temperatures both low and high, where other stones may be susceptible to thermal shock. It has a natural resistance to thawing and ice that makes it perfect for the usage of coldest environments.


  • UV Resistance – Dekton Sirius has a high resistance to UV light. Therefore outdoor application will not cause it to degrade or fade, and things like light exposure from large windows will also not affect the longevity of the stone.


  • Stain Resistance – Dekton Sirius is entirely stain-proof – it is impenetrable and so will not absorb even the most pigmented liquids such as red wine, oils and spices. Even harsh chemicals such as splashes of bleach will not damage the surface. Dekton contains no resins and is completely resistant to chemicals.


  • Heat Resistance – It withstands the high temperature without any scorching or burning making it a perfect surface for your kitchen worktops.


  • Abrasion Resistance – This even better than any granite surface which makes it ideal for any commercial applications because it is more resistant to abrasion.


  • Scratch Resistance – The slip of a knife won’t damage this product but cutting boards are still recommended in order to protect your utensils.


  • Ultraology – Ultra-compaction is the manufacturing process responsible for the material’s elite technical properties. It is an extraordinary process that uses high temperatures and pressure to force the minerals and particles to stick together in a way that does not require a binding agent and that leaves no pores whatsoever in the stone. The zero porosity rating make it the most low-maintenance, life long product on the market.


  • Ultra Size – The large size of Dekton’s slabs, at 320cm x 144cm, make it an ideal product for use in large spaces and for seamless designs. It’s low weight also means that it is suitable for wall cladding and building facades. It is a truly versatile product.


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