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Apart from the elegant feature of Beige Compac, it is commonly known for its resistance and extremely high quality. It often has the most attractive appearance and near to perfection finishes that offer numerous possibilities for any interior design scheme. It is usually suitable for worktops, floors, and bathrooms.

For quite some time, MARMOL COMPAC Technological Marble has been collecting a prestige name for 30 years that extended the line of QUARTZ COMPAC. Due to the elegance and the versatility of the product, it increased possible applications of marble that made it possible to produce a newly standardized hue in a wide range of decorative pieces. Beige Quartz Compac is perfectly known for kitchen worktops and even the company itself has given marble composites which are very suitable for bathrooms and floorings as well. It is even approved for fabricators of all products of Compac.

This product has an exceptional sturdiness and resistance that is ideal for both areas that have to withstand intense foot traffic and even household atmosphere.  It has minimal absorption and it eases the cleaning giving you low maintenance which is highly recommendable.


If you find this stone surface a perfect addition to your residential worktops or commercial surfaces, give us a call today for a quote or you can simply click the tab “get a quote” above.

TYPE Quartz
BRAND Compac
NAME Beige Concrete
STYLE Industrial
THICKNESS 12mm, 20mm, 30mm
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