How to Choose Compac Quartz Worktops for Your Home Kitchen

Nowadays, homeowners demand a lot from kitchen worktops. Many expect them to be both a functional and practical surface and a beautiful addition to the home.

That’s why choosing a new kitchen worktop is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Your kitchen’s future appearance depends on the worktop’s colour, material and finish. Getting it wrong could spell a costly and early replacement.

So to meet the design needs, homeowners set their eyes and hearts on a particular stone material. If you considering quartz, such as Compac, then you’re most likely aware that this is not only a durable and strong material but also widely popular thanks to its wide array of colours, textures and designs.

But before you finally decide, here are some factors that you need to consider first.

Complement your kitchen’s interior

Every home kitchen has something to say. Internal factors such as lighting, cabinet finish and colour and other design nuances together make a complete package. You have to consider every element—the wall, the floor, the door, the tabletop, etc. Compac quartz worktops can garnish every piece of element to a great extent.

Although Compac offers a wide selection of colour options, don’t get easily caught up that you end up with more than 10 top choices. You need to carefully find the one that best works for your kitchen and your house’s overall design.

Opt for a deep colour such as Compac Azabache, Compac Negro Diamante or Compac Pierre Bleue if there is sufficient, both direct and indirect, light in your kitchen. On the other hand, go for lighter colours such as Compac Perlino, Compac Absolute Blanc, Compac Ayfon or Compac Alaska if there is significantly less sunlight entry.

By choosing the right colour for your kitchen based on the surrounding elements will more than boost the entire feel and look of your space.


If you have a busy household with very little time for cleaning, then you will greatly benefit from Compac worktops. Since they are non-porous, they require very minimal cleaning and maintenance since the surface doesn’t absorb water.

Unlike granite or marble that requires period re-sealing, Compac quartz worktops do not need this at all. All you need to do is wipe the surface after every use with warm water and very mild detergent. Avoid harsh cleaning materials like scouring pads or bleach. Use trivets when handling hot objects.

Final thoughts

Engineered stones like Compac quartz worktops offer every homeowner unparalleled aesthetics and lends a timeless and luxurious style. Its versatility and strength makes it the ideal product for home kitchens looking a more practical worktop material.