Our specialised and highly trained fitters are of the highest calibre in the industry. They are polite, punctual and eager to help – they will not only perform the fit to the highest standard but also provide the best possible customer service experience.

Fitting appointments average completion within two to three hours, but this can vary depending on the size of your kitchen and its specifications. It is not entirely necessary for someone to be on site for fitting, but our team must be able to gain access to the property.

We recommend that a minimum of twelve hours is allowed for all silicones and glues to set and dry after install before any plumbing and electric works are completed. Doing so before this time period may result in the damaging of the worktop, or the damaging of appliances such as the sink and hob.

Our fitters use a sophisticated piece of equipment that ensures the highest standard, cleanest and tightest joints in the industry, called industrial seam-setters. In addition to this, we colour-match all of our akimis, the silicone-like product used to join pieces, to individual stone colours. This ensures that all joints are immaculately blended and minimal in appearance.

If you have any questions about this process or want any advice, call us on 0208 216 2055 or email us at